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The following papers and presentations are available free of charge. Executive reports are available upon request by sending an email to:

Overview of the (EA)2 Enterprise Architecture and Risk Management Modeling Framework for Enterprise Architect

This is a menu-driven powerpoint slide presentation that lets you explore the various aspects of (EA)2. This presentation is the best introduction to (EA)2.

A Model-based Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Full IASA members can view a video of this webinar here. Others may download the self-running powerpoint slide presentation here.


Modeling Enterprise Architecture - a Live Walk Through

This is a video of the presentation Terry Merriman gave at IASA's recent ITARCH conference in New York City. It includes a live walk-through of our reference architecture model, demonstrating many of the features of (EA)2.


Modeling Enterprise Architecture

This provides an online discussion of what Enterprise Architecture is and how to model it. It gives a good overview of what OAD brings to consulting and training assignments. The concepts presented on Enterprise Architecture have been captured in (EA)2, our MDG add-in for Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect modeling tool.


Enterprise Architecture for Architecture Driven Planning

This white paper, which can be downloaded from Sparx Systems' website, discusses the role of Architecture Driven Planning and UML for Enterprise Architecture. It provides the architectural views and modeling concepts that have been built into (EA)2.


UML Metamodeling for Enterprise Architecture

This is an executive summary of an executive report published by the Cutter Consortium which is available upon request. It shows examples of the architectural views required to satisfy the various stakeholders of the enterprise architecture, including business and IT personnel. It then discusses how the UML metamodel can be extended with profiles and tagged values to make working with and thereby conforming to the architecture designs the easiest path for development teams. To request the executive report, click here. Be sure to include the name of the report(s) with your request.


Subaru Case Study—Enterprise Architecture for Strategic Planning

This is an IT Journal article published by the Cutter Consortium and available upon request. It discusses how an Enterprise Architecture model was created for Subaru of America with the purpose of helping to determine a multi-year program to simplify the configuration of applications, making the IT systems more flexible and cost effective. It shows how the different architectural views were captured and how the artifacts from those views relate to each other.

  • How applications related to the business functions in order to reduce duplicity and resulting licensing fees
  • How applications were dependent on each other to reduce integration problems
  • Which applications were at risk due to a lack of vendor support for the applications or their IT software and hardware requirements

Enterprise Architect and EA Profiler were used to model Subaru’s architecture. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Size: 267 KB.


Architectural Separation of Concerns

This is a presentation given to the International Association of Software Architects, Philadelphia Chapter, April 2, 2008.  It uses the Subaru case study as examples. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Size: 809 KB.


An Application-centric Approach to Understanding Architectures

This is an executive summary of an executive report published by the Cutter Consortium which is available upon request. It describes the role of application architecture within the context of the enterprise. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Size: 162 KB.


MDA In Action: An Anatomy of a Platform-Independent Model

This is an executive summary of an executive report published by the Cutter Consortium which is available upon request. It describes an approach to creating a Platform Independent Model as prescribed by the OMG’s Model Driven Architecture. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Size: 631 KB.


A Rose Framework for Platform Independent Modeling

This is a presentation given to the Philadelphia Rational Users Group, January 15, 2003. It demonstrates a modeling framework developed by OAD for the Rational Rose UML modeling tool and the Rational SoDA report generation system. While it is Rose specific, the concepts can be applied to most UML modeling tools.  This is a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation in a zipped file. Requires Microsoft Powerpoint. Size: 1.6 MB. 

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