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OAD Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services on architecture, design, and general modeling. To assist with this, OAD has developed the Model Guardian line of add-in products for Enterprise Architect. To better service the needs of our different client types, we have created OAD Systems to take over product development and sales, including sales of Enterprise Architect. OAD Consulting will continue to provide consulting services, including assistance with the application of Model Guardian and the development of frameworks for your modeling environment. You can find out more at OAD Systems.



OAD Consulting has been providing project and enterprise level architectural services since 2000. Founded by Terry Merriman with the purpose of leveraging his 5 years as an education professional and over 30 years designing systems for fortune 500 companies, OAD not only provides solutions but passes on the know-how through formal training and on-the-job mentoring.

The culmination of that experience has been realized by OAD in an approach to architectural design based on industry standards and supported by an extensive modeling framework called (EA)2. The approach and framework provide the architectural views required by the various stakeholders and ensure consistency and traceability among the views. OAD’s flexible approach provides the enterprise with the ability to…

  • Define their architectural principles and objectives
  • Capture the current and future state of their architecture for use in architecture driven planning
  • Align the architecture to the business objectives and processes
  • Guide development by making the architectural principles and assets readily available to development teams
  • Provide the tools required to make conforming to the architecture the simplest path for development teams

Now you can take full control of (EA)2 or even create your own frameworks with OAD's newest product, Model Guardian, a Framework & Model Management System. With it you can iteratively and incrementally build and/or customize frameworks and synchronize your models with the frameworks as they mature.

OAD's services include...

  • Assessment of the current state of the architectural practice within the enterprise and planning to improve the processes and best leverage available tool sets
  • Modeling the horizontal aspects (Business, Application (S/W), Data, and Infrastructure views) and the vertical aspects (Business Processes and the architectural assets required to realize them) of the archtecture.
  • Providing architectural and design services on development projects
  • Providing training on Enterprise Architecture and on modeling EA with (EA)<sup>2</sup>
  • Customization of (EA)2 to fit seemlessly into your IT environment

OAD Consulting provides products and consulting services for software development copmanies and corporate IT departments with a focus on the disciplines of...

  • Business Modeling
  • Analysis and Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Process and Tool Usage Improvement

Our emphasis is on knowledge transfer while meeting the demands of real-time development.

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